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YOGIC BREATH - If you want to look better and feel better, breathe better.

Updated: Jan 18

Everyone breathes... but few of us breathe well.

Breathing is one of the most natural things we do. However, it is estimated that more than ⅓ of people do not breathe well enough to maintain normal levels of health.

All of our cells are dependent on oxygen. Often we are not breathing well and our cells receive only enough oxygen to stay alive. When you do not breathe deep enough, you do not receive enough oxygen and you do not release enough carbon dioxide from your system.

This can result in:

• a compromised immune system

• cardiovascular and digestive problems

• irritation

• stress

• depression

Breath-work is one of the key practices in meditation and yoga. Pranayama is the first known breath practice and has been tested and refined for many thousands of years. Yogis learned to manipulate the breath in specific ways to achieve specific results.

The yogis realized that our quality of breath influences our state of mind. Breath is correlated to moods and energy level. So by altering our breath in specific ways, we can uplift our moods and energy level.

When breath moves, the mind moves. One of the first habits of a yogi/meditator is to notice the breath. It's a great starting point as well as a self regulating tool to keep us balanced for life.

The yogic breath is a simple breath everyone can learn to maintain health and well being in the body and mind.

Here's how you do it:

1. Sit in a comfortable position with the spine straight. Put one hand on abdomen and the other on the chest so that you can physically feel the breath moment. Simply notice how you are breathing right now.

2. Slowly inhale from the abdominal region, then expand your lungs in 4 directions and at the end of the inhale elevate your heart. (slight pause)

3. Slowly exhale as you lower the heart, empty the lungs completely and at the end of the exhale slightly contract the abdominal region. (slight pause)

After you feel comfortable with the practice, relax your hands on your lap or apply the mudra of your choice.

It’s as simple as that. It feels great to have the tools to adjust to a soothing inner state anytime any place, doesn’t it?!

Practice this yogic breath for 3 minutes then take a moment to observe any changes. Then you can transport this practice into your daily life. Any time you start to feel unbalanced or stressed, begin the yogic breath. The great thing about this technique is that you can practice it anywhere. Practice when you are in line at the super market, while sitting in the car, or at work during a meeting. Practice in the evening after work to calm your nerves or as a preparation for meditation. Eventually you can retrain yourself to breath better - and you will feel better too!

You can create the conditions for vitality, health, balanced mind and emotions. All you have to do is just breathe..... like a yogi 🙂 🙏

Proper breathing is important to maintain health and initially it’s the tool we need to calm our mind so that we can move onto the next stages. The breath plays a key role in my teachings because it adjusts our rhythm to prepare us for the inner work. The breath is the doorway and it opens the door.

Your breath is the key to a prosperous spiritual journey!

Recommended music for this practice: SUSPIRO from the album Somnium. Get the music HERE!

Keep practicing and let me know how it’s going!

From the heart,


PS *Know someone who might benefit from deep breathing? Let them know by sharing this message!

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