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How to tie a turban

Your first question may be, why do we use a turban?

Many of us use turbans within the traditions of Naad and Kundalni Yoga. We use the turban as a technology, not merely a symbol. Just like an electric wire is covered with rubber to keep the electricity contained within, we also use the turban to retain the energy we create within our practices. The turban also serves as a filter to reduce unnecessary mental activity from our surroundings. It stabilizes and enhances the connection between the two brain hemispheres which has a calming effect, and places a subtle pressure on the pituitary gland.

Many of you have asked me how to tie a turban, so I decided to make this short video for you.


Should you use a turban in class or when you meditate at home?

It is completely up to you if you choose to wear a turban or not. Feel free to try it and notice how you feel to decide if you would like to adopt this yogic tool. 🙏



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