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Kirtan Kriya Meditation (SaTaNaMa)

Updated: Jan 4

In this post, I'll share an iconic Kundalini meditation called Kirtan Kriya.


  • General sense of balance and alignment.

  • Balances brain hemispheres.

  • Cleanses aura.

  • Clears marks in aura from past relationships for women.

  • Clears subconscious of negative emotions and habits.

  • Improves intuition.

  • Strengthens memory.

Clinical research has shown that practicing Kirtan Kriya for just 12 minutes a day can improve cognition and activate parts of the brain that are central to memory as well as helping to prevent the onset of Alzheimer's disease.


The mantra SaTaNaMa is a sound current that represents the rebirth of consciousness, the evolutionary nature of existence and regeneration. We can translate SaTaNaMa to, "The essence of God is within me."


‣Sa: Infinite, cosmos

‣Ta: Life, existence

‣Na: Death, change, transformation

‣Ma: Rebirth


‣Human: Speaking/Singing voice

‣Lovers: Whisper

‣Divine: Silence

The music in my video is by Dev Suroop Kaur, "Kirtan Kriya"


Alternating mudras balance electric polarity/energetic pathways. This creates a balance in the projection of the aura.

1st finger + thumb is gyan mudra: knowledge, release of limitation and expansion of possibility

2nd finger + thumb is shuni mudra: wisdom, patience, intelligence

3rd finger + thumb is surya mudra: vitality, energy

4th finger + thumb is buddhi mudra: communication

EYES: 2 options

  1. Eyes closed and focused at 3rd eye.

  2. Visualize each sound coming down through the crown into the pineal gland, through the pituitary and out through the 3rd eye ("L" shape movement).


The suggested time for this meditation is 12 or 31 minutes. In our ST sadhana we will be practicing for 12 minutes during 40 days. The time breakdown is as follows:

2 min. out loud

2 min. whisper

4 min. silent (continue tongue movement)

2 min. whisper

2 min. out loud


Stretch your arms up with fingers separated and spine stretched. Take a few deep breaths, then relax.


It is recommended to cover your head.

Ready to practice? Check out the videos!

I've recorded two videos to support you in your practice . The first video provides step by step instructions for Kirtan Kriya. (Instructions are in Portuguese.) In the second video, I share the 12 minute practice of Kirtan Kriya so that you can practice along with me.

Video instructions are in Portuguese. For English instructions please refer to the information here above.

*Remember to always chant the adi mantra before any Kundalini Yoga practice.

*If you are ready to experience a full yoga class with me, CLICK HERE .  

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