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Yoga in Season

Yoga In Season aligns us with the cycles of the year and inner cycles of the soul.

by Katrina Satpreet

What is Yoga In Season?

YOGA IN SEASON™ is the result of Katrina Satpreet’s inspiration to apply Kundalini Yoga within the wheel of life. It’s a new way to experience Kundalini Yoga that brings you into harmony with the cycles of nature and the soul. This system considers the elements, light cycles, and seasons as we progress throughout the year. 

Yoga In Season enriches our relationship to yoga through new understanding as we work with the dynamics of light cycles, elements, and Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the official medicine of India recognized by the World Health organization (WHO). Yoga and Ayurveda originated and developed together in India thousands of years ago and repeatedly influenced each other throughout history. Ayurveda shows us that any disorder or disharmony can be prevented as long as balance is maintained in the body, mind, and spirit. Kundalini Yoga in Season is a new and effective way to maintain balance throughout the year.

Following the Yoga In Season (YIS) protocol, we perfect ourselves by following the cycles of nature, as we cleanse and renew the body and mind. Each season brings with it a number of opportunities to enjoy and experience personal growth bringing their own medicine as we come into relationship with the cycles of life

This new model founded by Katrina Satpreet brings your practice down to earth. Now more than ever we need yogi’s with a grounded yoga practice to meet the challenges of our times. By working within the parameters of YIS, we align with the energies of each season to empower our yoga practice. In this way we access new depths and dimensions of kundalini yoga opening the doors to new possibilities of health and harmony.

What is Kundalini Yoga?

Yoga means union, to unite, and we can do this in many ways. Kundalini Yoga is a specific approach to yoga, it is a Raj Yoga, a royal yoga. Kundalini Yoga is the powerful yoga of consciousness allowing for exciting transformation and renewed creativity. It is the science of awareness that optimizes and strengthens your nervous and muscular system, while promoting health in all the major organs of the body.  It helps to reduce stress and incorporate feelings of peace and happiness. Kundalini Yoga includes breath work, physical exercises, and serene meditation. It gives you the tools to understand your purpose and identity, and to achieve radiant health


What students say

what students say

What students are saying

"Satpreet shares her knowledge with creativity as she supports the evolution of the innate potential within each of us. Her classes fill our lives with beauty, kindness, and joy." 

 - Maria Antónia Barros



"Satpreet was a breath of Divine Energy in my life. She teaches with authenticity, sharing her knowledge with sincerity from the heart. Satpreet’s classes are a unique opportunity to reencounter our true identity, which has enabled me to find a great sense of peace and happiness."


-- Elizabete Raposo


Much more than just a yoga class, I feel that the sessions with Katrina are more like therapy. It’s not only a moment for connection and alignment within a group, but also a special moment to connect to my inner self which allows me to find a fresh new way of using the physical body to shape the mental, spiritual, and emotional realms. Our environment of new experiences is made possible by Katrina’s positive energy, joyful spirit, sincerity, and also by the unique way in which she expresses. It’s a sensation of pure magic! And often I have the feeling her class fulfilled exactly what I needed that day. Isn’t that magical?

- Joana Roma Torres

“Katrina’s YOGA IN SEASON  is a guided journey into yourself. It is a profound, rich, and surprising path towards the truth which reveals all the tools to free yourself from limiting patterns that keep you in the darkness. It is a journey towards the light!”

- Rute Baptista

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"Join me on this transformational path of Kundalini Yoga in Season!" 

Katrina Satpreet

*All classes at the Sound Temple are both in person and online.
*One class per week will be recorded.
*Classes may be translated to English upon request.


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