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Meditação I Sound Healing




A Meditation and Sound Healing journey to take you to the stars!  ✨

Most people in the modern world today are exposed to a lot of information, we all have a lot to do and we feel a lot of pressure.  You may find yourself running in circles between work, activities, many responsibilities at home, with friends or within the community... When we don't take time to clear our mind and contemplate how we really want to live, we begin to accumulate stress that results in fatigue, lack of mental clarity, emotional agitation and a weakened immune system. We end up losing ourselves along the way which can induce a state of anxiety and mild depression as well as a general state of dissatisfaction in life. You then lose interest in relationships, actually, you probably feel lack of interest in life in general!  This is because in the midst of a fast paced life, we end up distancing from our Self - from who we truly are.

By initiating a meditative practice, we can recuperate the joy of living as we re-establish a healthy balance in our mind, body and soul. 

Imagine you could easily recuperate your inner shine and begin to love your life;


   ⭐️ Freedom from stress (emotional and mental agitation) so that you can feel more peace.

   ⭐️ Calm your mind so that you can connect to your true essence, to increase your creativity and joy!

   ⭐️ Enjoy a state of harmony and balance, a special moment just for you!

   ⭐️ Feel greater mental clarity and emotional well-being.

   ⭐️ Belong to a community that supports you in your process of evolution and elevation! 

​There is a way to create a new pattern of inner peace to harmonize and elevate your life.  You too can create a life you love!


Meditation is for everyone, and it can be done with ease and joy!

Meditation doesn't have to be a struggle and it's not just for professional yogis! Meditation is for EVERYONE and it can be enjoyable too! In a world full os distraction and stress, we all need a moment to calm the mind and nervous system
, and to contemplate who we really are, to re-calibrate to our highest purpose, to focus on our highest potential.
Meditation is part of a healthy routine for success, self-realization and abundance. Meditation helps us become clear regarding what we want in life, how we want to live, and prepares us for greatness!
Join us in UNISOM - the new Meditation and Sound Healing Series that will take you to the stars!

NOTE: THESE CLASSES ARE CURRENTLY ONLY AVAILABLE IN PORTUGUESE.  For classes in English, please contact me directly, or check out my Meditative Drumming HERE!

Hello e Satnam!

My name is Katrina Satpreet. My path to yoga and meditation began about 20 years ago at a time when I sought out renewed balance and vitality while working in my corporate job. Little did I know then that I actually discovered a new passion that would change my life forever. In 2009, I embraced completely my true vocation: teaching. Today I have almost two decades of experience teaching yoga and meditation and music.

I’m a pioneer teaching Kundalini Yoga, Naad Yoga, Yoga Nidra and meditative drumming in Portugal, and hundreds of students have passed through my programs, Yoga In Season™️ and Meditative Drumming™️.


Music has been a lifelong study and in 2022-2023 I launched 3 cd’s of meditation music for my students. I'm a certified in Biosonic Sound Therapist and love to incorporate healing sounds in our meditations!

I share techniques (SOULutions) to leave stress behind, balance the mind and emotions, and connect with our inner essence in my online and in person classes from my private studio in Portugal.


I love what I do! My mission is to contribute to the development of higher consciousness, explore human potential and contribute to helping others create a life of significance, aligned with the soul.




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Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Musician, Ritualist

I invite you to a unique meditation immersion that you will love: 




UNISOM classes will allow you to enter into a state of profound relaxation where you can meditate with ease and joy, to inspire your life and renew your energy. You will be able to release stress and feel aligned with your true essence.  

Why Meditate?

The mind can take us to heavenly places or it can take us to hell. To maintain mental and emotional health, we need a meditative practice - a moment to connect within to feel who we truly are. It is a process that supports us to live better: with more peace and higher wisdom. From this place we can make better decisions and take better action, we understand our purpose. This brings contentment and harmony to our lives and to the world!

Who is it for?

UNISOM is for beginners who want to learn to meditate and also for advanced practitioners who want to review the best practices (The 5 steps to make your meditation great!) and deepen their meditation capacity and experience.  Meditation is for everyone and everyone can meditate with joy and ease - meditation is not difficult and it is something we can enjoy. EVERYONE will benefit from these sessions and everyone is welcome! I will be here to guide you along the way in every moment! 💚

How is UNISOM different?

For the past 20 years I have practiced various methods of meditation including different styles and techniques, with many teachers and I know what works to get into a meditative state quickly. I discovered there is a process that makes meditation easy, and blissful. I found that through meditation I could quickly elevate my mental and emotional states to enjoy life more.


Unisom is a unique and innovative program because it brings together the most effective meditation practices together with sound healing - there's nothing like it!

In our classes UNISOM, I will take you on a journey that induces a state of profound relaxation where you can free the tyranny of the mind in order to experience a state of peace like no other!  Together we will: 

  - Effortlessly still the mind, access vibrational harmony for healing and creativity.

  - Access higher levels of brain activity to access greater problem solving, empathy, creativity and intuition.

  - Dive into advanced meditation themes with ease, to elevate your frequency and perspective so that you can        create a life you love!

  - Explore different meditation techniques that work and are suitable for modern times. 


UNISOM includes:

   - Profound relaxation through the processes of Yoga Nidra and Pranayama accompanied by healing sounds  (Biosonic Healing) to establish greater inner harmony, so that your body can repair and you can feel greater levels of Self love and appreciation.

   - Sound SOULutions - I will establish a healing environment through sounds from various instruments where we can then explore elevated states of consciousness and you can strengthen the connection to your true essence. You will learn to use sound and mantra to elevate your mind and perspective, balance your energy system and change your life!

   - Practices and teachings that include how to prepare correctly for meditation - The 5 steps to effective meditation. We will explore various themes of mature and advanced contemplation for real solid spiritual growth. You will learn how to create an elevated and effective meditative practice!

Joins us in UNISOM to balance and elevate your body, mind and energy. 

Sign up now  to inspire and deepen your meditation practice!

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Join us in MEDITATION including these practices:

  • NIDRA to calm and balance the nervous system, and enter into deep states of relaxation.  Yoga Nidra is the yoga of "sleep"- it's done laying down in relaxation posture and includes guided meditation and sound to elevate your perspective and evolve consciousness. 
  • BIOSONIC HEALING to create a state of inner harmony resulting in greater mental, energetic and physical health.  You receive a sound bath including sounds of the gongo, crystal pyramids, tuning forks, tanpura, drums, kotamo, and others!
  • MANTRA (sonic codes) to free old patterns, clear the aura and subconscious and balance emotions so that you can connect to your true essence and feel inner peace and inspiration. 
  • NAAD (the yoga of sound) to balance and align the chakras, feel and understand the essence of sound for healing, creating and enlightenment. 
  • PRANAYAMA (conscious breathing),  to gain mental clarity, well-being, balance emotions and vitality.
And this BONUS: 
Manual /video with recomendations and tips for your meditation journey!

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What students are saying

"Katrina has helped me become a calmer person with more energy and mental clarity.

I leave her classes in a wonderful meditative state. The music, mantras, and the ambiance of class is very special. I feel great, both physically and mentally!"  - Miguel Pereira

"Katrina's teachings are full of inspiration and profound wisdom that motivate me and challenge me to reflect and transpose to my life. Her classes are a lot more than just yoga and music, and are also a lot of fun!"  - Marta Machado

“Katrina shares her knowledge with creativity as she supports the evolution of our innate potential within each of us. Her classes fill our lives with beauty, kindness, and joy.”   - Maria Antonia

"Katrina's classes instill confidence, tranquility, and have given me a new sense of certainty on my life path. During the 8 years I have studied yoga and sound with Katrina I have been able to overcome many obstacles and fears." 

- Helena Silva

"The yoga sessions, meditations, and drum training with Katrina have added a new degree of intensity and a delightful touch to my journey of self-knowledge, self-worth, and self-love. I feel that I’m becoming stronger, more confident, more assertive, more peaceful, and more myself. I wouldn’t change this journey with Katrina for anything!"  - Joana Roma Torres

"I especially appreciate the way Katrina transmits and shares her knowledge.  She uses a very accessible language while demonstrating enormous patience and a great sense of humor and joy. She makes us feel welcome and gives us confidence while helping us create an atmosphere of camaraderie among all participants."   - Nazaré Baptista

Dates e Pricing

   12€ for one class

   40€ bundle - 4 classes

   62€ bundle - 6 classes

   82€ bundle - 8 classes

Dates AUGUST 2024

   Mondays 19:00 - 20:15
   Tuesdays 19:00 - 20:15  

   Wednesdays 17:00 - 18:15
   Wednesdays 19:30 - 20:45

You may participate online or in person. These classes will NOT be recorded. 

  • In Person - limited space, verify availability. Local: SOUND TEMPLE  -  Rua do Eirado 93, Arcozelo, VN Gaia, Portugal.

  • Online Classes - After you sign up for class and indicate you wish to participate online, you will receive the Zoom link in response by email.

  • Reservations are made upon your confirming payment by email.


Q & A:

  • Do I need to have any experience to join, or physical preparation?
No experience is necessary. Beginners are welcome!  We'll begin each session with 5-7 minutes of very light stretching to release tension. Unisom is a meditation practice, so physical movement will be very minimal. Meditation can be practiced sitting on a chair or lying down. A large portion of our sessions will be done laying down for yoga nidra sessions..
  • ​Do I need to know anything about music?
No, you don't need any music knowledge. You relax and I'll take care of the music. 
  • How do I make the payments?
You should register and pay by the 25th day of the previous month in case you'd like to register at the pack pricing.  Confirmations must be sent by email with a minimum of 48 hrs before class. Payments cannot be transferred from one month to the next.
  • ​When are the classes?
See the dates above for Portuguese class, or contact me for more info. on classes in English. Each class has a duration of one hour followed by 15 minutes of teaching and Q&A.
In case you would like to participate in person, pls. keep in mind the spaces fill up fast. Make your reservation soon to ensure your space. (reservations are confirmed after receipt of payment).
  • What happens if I miss a class?
If you miss a class, check if there is another class you can attend, pending available space in the case of in person participation.  Online, there is always space.
  • What do I need to bring?
In the case of participating in person: You only need comfortable clothing. We have an ample supply of mats, chairs, pillows and blankets in the studio for you. 
  • Can I participate online?
Yes, you can join us on Zoom! Quando efectuares o pagamento, envies o comprovativo por email e indica que queres participar online, e eu envio-te o link de Zoom.
  • I have a question that doesn't appear here, can you respond? 
Yes, I'd be happy to! Send an email to and I will respond as soon as possible.

Reserve your spot now.

Empower yourself - Upgrade your life with meditation!

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