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Life is better when you DANCE

Updated: Mar 21

Dancing is one of my favorite practices. It's healing, it's liberating. Dancing allows us to process energy and emotion. It's an efficient way to relieve tension and stress, especially the tension accumulated in the deepest part of our musculature. Dance is also a beautiful mode of self expression.

Actually dance, yoga and music have a lot in common. These practices stimulate endorphins, the hormones which can trigger neurotransmitters that create a feeling of comfort, relaxation, fun and power. All three practices heighten awareness within the body, build strength and improve coordination, and lift our mood. Dance is a complete yoga, and dance and yoga benefit each other. Music elevates both practices.

Dancing has been part of our human culture as far back as music. As the first drum sounded we intuitively began to move to the beat. New studies from Colombia University say that when we move to the beat of music, the powerful affects of music on the brain are amplified. The benefits of listening to music are well known by health professionals who administer music therapy to patients in order to enhance mental health, intelligence and focus as well as boosting mood, the immune system, sleep, concentration, and general well being. Want some of that? Then don't just sit and listen, move to the beat!

I love to start out our drum and yoga classes with creative dance! I'm also particularly fond of the circle dances we share in community during our rituals. You can absolutely feel the powerful energy in the room when we dance together.

Dancing with intention is a powerful prayer and attractor field. We can dance to integrate, to release stress and tension, to celebrate, to mourn, to move emotions, and to invite creativity into our life.

Dance your joy with gratitude! Dance for an incredible heart opening experience! Dancing through difficult emotions is equally beautiful and allows tremendous release and a renewed sense of understanding. Dancing will enable you to find stability through movement in chaotic or difficult times.

Tapping into the power of strong emotions through dance can be very healing and transformative. Dancing activates the heart which supports energetic and emotional transformation. We can then direct this energy cultivated in the dance through prayer, intention, and meditation. Dance is a great preparation for meditation!

Dancing enhances life through rhythm and movement supporting ourselves and our community. In community the effects can be multiplied. Through dance we can connect to the earth and the elements, to ourselves and as a community.

Let's Dance! 💚

You don't have to know any particular dance step - actually the more you release the idea of any correct or incorrect steps, beautiful or awkward movements, the better! Simply allow your body move to the music in an intuitive and creative way. Let your body move in whatever way it needs to move. Your body has it's own intelligence, we don't benefit by intellectualizing the process. You don't have to know how to dance - all you need to do - is feel the beat. It's in our DNA!

Suggested songs for creative dance:

  1. SHAMAN DANCE from the album Nectar:

Dancing was an important part of Shamanic practice. Symbolic dance was engaged to shake off old ways and give space to new expression through new movement. As you listen to this song try moving in new, non habitual ways.

Dancing for the Shaman was called the hidden way, the secret path, that led one from one world to the next. Let this song take you on a new journey!

      2. LOTUS:

The lotus root is secured in the depths of the muddy waters and from here produce the most exquisite flower. As you dance to this song, feel the flowering of your soul.


Turn up the volume and dance with me!

How about committing to a 10 day dance practice? Set aside 11 minutes a day. It can be when you first wake up, or maybe when you come home from work. Choose the time that works best for you and let me know how it goes!

With love,

Katrina 💫

PS Know someone who might benefit from creative dance? Let them know by sharing this message!

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