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Get rid of stress and be your best! (So Ham)

Updated: Jan 10

You have so many responsibilities and a long to do list that just never ends? You want to do it all - be the perfect employee, the perfect parent, friend, spouse. Sometimes the world seems like a pretty crazy place - so many changes and everything is unfolding at an accelerated rate. On top of that life sometimes throws a curve ball and we go into overwhelm.

I get it! Life is full of challenges to help us grow but sometimes it's just plain difficult.

The build up of stress seems to drain your energy. You're not able to think clearly nor relax, and often you become irritable.

When you are over stressed, you are not at your best. When we feel overwhelmed by stress we are not enjoying life.

Stress in itself is not bad. The problem comes when the stress builds up. When we have too much stress and no healthy release, the effects can be detrimental to our health and relationships. We need the proper tools to maintain a healthy balance in life.

I want you to live well and excel! So, here are some tips for you.

Here's what I do when I feel the pressure of time:

When I feel overwhelmed with all I need to do, I sit down and prioritize in order focus on what is most important. In the case of dealing with big projects I like to break things into smaller steps and focus on one step at a time. Both of these simple tips help me focus.

And, when the pressure is on - I begin! There is a lot of tension built up thinking about what we need to do - as soon as we begin the work, a big portion of that stress will fade away.

I find that even with all the de-stresser tips in the world, we often need a bit of extra support to help relieve the stress build up. I have just the perfect practice for you!

By changing our breath pattern, we can signal to the nervous system to shift into a more relaxed state. In addition, we signal to the body we are creating sacred meditative space through conscious breath. Let me show you a great example:

This breath practice will relieve stress FAST, and is actually the most healing breath. It will give you the power you need to succeed. It only takes 3 minutes. You have time for that right?


Sit in a comfortable position with the spine straight, chin in, and heart elevated. Place your hands in gyan mudra (thumb and first finger together). Inhale powerfully in one short stroke through the "o" mouth, mentally chanting "So." Exhale powerfully through your nose in one short powerful stroke, mentally chanting "Ham." (or "so-hang")

The exhalation is done so powerfully that the nose crinkles up. This is very important as it actives the Ida and Pingala channels. Use the navel to push the air out.

To finish: Inhale deeply, hold the breath about 5 seconds, exhale, and relax.

Your breath is the key to a prosperous spiritual journey!

If you meditate for a short time on the sound of your breath you will notice there is a sound to the breath. It’s the same sound that the ancient sages heard as they meditated on their breath and the sound is “So Ham” also written sometimes as So Hum or So Hang. So Ham is the sound of the breath and it’s also a mantra. It’s the mantra reciting within you day and night approximately 21,600 times a day! For this reason it is called Spontaneous repetition (sahaja-japa) and ajapa japa (unrecited repetition). So ham (or "so hum") energizes and strengthens your heart space and connection to Self. It’s one of the tools soul uses to sustain basic consciousness. You can use this mantra to bring the gift of conscious breath into your life. Your (conscious) breath is your power!

Check out my video clip of So Ham HERE. 👇🏼

If you'd like to hear more and meditate with this mantra, you can get the full recording of So Ham from my album SOMNIUM - HERE.

What is really behind most of your stress? The feeling you do NOT HAVE ENOUGH TIME. How often do you think you simply don't have enough time?

Discover how to releasing the pressure of time and learn about the wisdom of time:

Check out the MASTERCLASS -TIME (Coming Soon)

The breath plays a key role in yoga, drumming and my signature program because it adjusts our rhythm to prepare us for the inner work. The breath is the doorway and it opens the door.

I hope you enjoy the effects of this amazing breath practice. As you learn the tools to relieve stress and tension, you may become more creative, enjoy more mental clarity, and have the energy and power you need to function at your best!

Breathe well and live well, and stay in touch. Love and blessings, Satpreet PS *Know someone who might benefit from this message and video to connect to the heart and true Self? Let them know by sharing this message!

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