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Sodarshan Chakra Kriya (WaheGuru)

Updated: Jan 10

Clear the subconscious, clear karma, and free emotional obstacles!

If you were to ask me what is the most important practice to prepare for Spring, or to accompany a Spring Detox, there is one that definitely comes to mind.

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. As we look around, we see nature is waking up. Spring is the most creative cycle of nature and a great time to tap into your creative potential and spontaneous joy. When we tap into this potential within ourselves, we can awaken the creative potential within and manifest our dreams.

Yes, the energies of spring hold so much potential, but possibly you are not quite feeling it.

The truth is, you may not yet be fully open or available to receive the energies of Spring.

Feeling stuck?

It may seem you are stuck in a never ending loop of challenges and negativity, or you may find yourself self-sabotaging all your good intentions. Or maybe you simply feel that all your efforts to elevate your life are not resulting in the way you hoped. Your progress may feel slow. These are all signs that you need to address the subconscious mind and karma.

"When you wish to elevate anything to the next level, you must first purify." - Katrina Satpreet

If you work on elevating your energy without addressing the subconscious mind and karma, you may be wasting precious time and effort.

Many of us work on attracting more abundance and positive energies in our life without addressing what is blocking the flow of positive energy. This is a blind spot in many new age practices. It is crucial that we address also the "shadows" if we wish to bring in more light.

In my YOGA IN SEASON program and MEDITATIVE DRUMMING, I guide students through the cycles of the year with specific yoga practices, breath-work and mantra, so that we may connect to the greatest possibilities of inner growth.

Kundalini energy follows the same cyclic pattern as a plant growth through the seasons. 🌿

The external seasons mirror back to us the possibility of our inner growth.

The highest practice of all yoga

Kundalini Yoga has several practices to clear the subconscious, or to clear karma. Actually, there is one very powerful practice that does both: Sodarshan Chakra Kriya! Sodarshan is often referred to as the highest practice of all yogas!

As you purify your subconscious tendencies and karmic imprints, many of your emotional obstacles will also be cleared. As a result of this powerful purification, you can then easily connect to your true essence to enjoy more intuition, creativity, joy, love, and abundance. In connecting to your essence within the spiritual heart, your energy is automatically elevated, and you feel more positive. Sodarshan Chakra kriya also helps to balance the mind as you gain a new perspective of Self.

The power of Sodarshan

There are two keys that make Sodarshan so powerful. First is the movement of the navel which stimulates the energy of Kundalini, the energy of consciousness which activates our full potential. The second key is the mantra Vahe Guru.

Vahe Guru, like all the mantras of Kundalini Yoga, are aquarian mantras which means they are adequate and effective for the times we live in. Vahe Guru, also referred to as the Gur Mantra is a trikuti mantra meaning it contains 3 distinct sounds and incorporates the energies of generating, organizing, and transforming principles. The vibration of Vahe Guru balances the tattvas (the elements), and is the infinite teacher of the soul. It expresses the the indescribable experience of going from darkness to light (from ignorance to true understanding). It casts out egoism as it removes the veil of ignorance that separates us from union with the Infinite. Vahe Guru invokes our pure essence within the Spiritual Heart.

Ready to practice Sodarshan? Check out the videos!

I've recorded two videos to support you in clearing the blocks so that you too can elevate your life to the next level. The first video provides step by step instructions for Sodarshan Kriya. (Instructions are in Portuguese.) In the second video, I share the 11 minute practice of Sodarshan so you can practice along with me.

Remember to always chant the adi mantra before any Kundalini Yoga practice.

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Notes: This practice is also taught with the following detail: Pull the navel in 1/3 of the way on Va, 1/3 farther on Hay, and all the way in on Guroo.

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