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The quickest way to elevate and calm the mind. (Satnam WG)

Updated: Jan 10

Greetings Friends!

Today I’ll share a bit with you about my favorite topic – mantra!

One great way to connect to your essence is through chanting mantra. Mantra supports us in connecting to and strengthening the spiritual heart (the residence of your true essence!). It is also the best tool I know to elevate and calm the mind so that all your inner resources are aligned, and you can then experience the true joy of peace and wholeness.

I’ve created a short video for you to share one of my favorite mantras. 👇🏼

In this video you will:

● Discover a sure way to connect to your essence to be authentically you so that you can experience freedom and joy.

● Practice an ancient technique to calm and focus the mind, and elevate your mood instantly.

● Feel peace and positivity!


The mantra Satnam Wahe Guru -

Sat means truth and refers to what is infinite. Guru describes the path from darkness to light, and Wahe is the celebration of this realization of truth at the spiritual heart.

The movement -

The mudra in movement (or celestial communication) begins at the heart and expands from the heart to the world as you open your arms to the sides, and then raises the energy to the 3rd eye, and finally onto the cosmos. We begin and end at the heart.

It’s a blessing to share with you and I hope you benefit from this video.

If you’d like to get the full mantra recording, or hear more powerful mantras to help you feel more peace and joy, click HERE .

From the Spiritual Heart,

Katrina Satpreet 💜

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