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Are you looking to calm the mind and find inner peace?
Are you ready to connect to the rhythm of your true essence?

 Discover Meditation that is FUN, EASY and PROFOUND.
Learn to play the frame drum!

Often we know that our life will greatly benefit from a regular meditation practice however we feel a lack of energy or inspiration. Or maybe we find difficulty calming the mind and concentrating which leaves us feeling frustrated or bored.

Meditative Drumming™️ is both an ancient and innovative practice to bring you into deep states of meditation, reducing stress, mental noise and tension so that you can restore and maintain a harmonious inner rhythm of peace and joy. It is an inspired meditative practice that gives us energy and focus. Meditating with the drum

is also a lot of fun!

Meditative Drumming awakens a deep connection

with your true Self so that you can feel: 

  ❂  Self-confident, Self-love 

  ❂  Peaceful in relationships

  ❂  Joyful and connected

  ❂  Deeper meaning in life

My name is Katrina.

I've been practicing and teaching meditation for 15 years and found there is nothing so powerful as the drum to establish meditation. That's why I'm so excited to invite you into my Meditative Drumming Course, the first certified frame drum course for meditation! If you're looking for a way to inspire your meditation practice, to make meditation more interesting and fun, or if you wish to access deep meditative states quickly to connect to your true essence, then this course is for you! 


Katrina Satpreet Meditative Drumming


Registration open until APRIL 11

Meditative Drumming





This is an invitation to stop for a moment and listen to your heart, and remember your true essence.


It is an invitation to embark on a journey to the sound of the frame drum which sustains the mythic history of the oldest spiritual tradition on earth, which is calling you to re-encounter your true Self to create a life you love.

Why learn to play the frame drum?

The drum is an instrument that permits us to add some joy and magic to our daily life. It’s very easy to learn and a lot of fun to play rhythms individually or in groups. 


The frame drum is a universal spiritual technology and archetype found throughout the ancient world. It was commonly used as a powerful tool to access new states of consciousness. Drums were  played to unify community and also for individual transformation.


​The frame drum is known through various cultures, preceding written language. The frame drum satisfies the innate desire to reestablish rhythmic connections with nature and between peoples. It is both a modern and ancestral practice. All cultures create rhythms and the drum is a symbol of diversity and cultural uniqueness. We celebrate the uniqueness of all individuals in the drum circle and allow the music to unite us as one Humanity.​

The drum is an extraordinary tool for meditation and relaxation. It facilitates real transformation that gives us a new sense of depth to our life.  Meditative Drumming is a great tool for personal meditation or to share in meditation circles.


My unique approach to drumming will take you on a journey into the depths of meditation, visioning, and breath. My teachings will enable you to deeply connect to your inner essence to find a profound sense of peace as you tap into your true power.  Are you ready for some drum medicine?

Who is this for?


No musical knowledge is necessary!  The drum is easy to learn and easy to play. It’s accessible to all! 

The drum is the perfect tool to help you dive deep into meditation. Even the most restless mind can easily meditate with the drum. Whether you are new to meditation or have practiced for many years, you will find yourself quickly going much deeper into meditation through the power of the drum. 

All material in this course is presented in English.


This program is UNIQUE AND POWERFUL because it combines

the drum and meditation. 

You won't find anything like it!

Meditative Drumming

Are you ready to stop seeking and start finding?

It's time to step beyond mindfulness and into heartfulness.

I will show you how. 

Let me guide you on an authentic spiritual journey

through Meditative Drumming.

How it works


The course is divided into 5 modules where you will unpack 17 rhythms to support your spiritual practice. You will learn:

⭐️ How to play the notes, the elements and the history of the frame drum and        welcoming into the lineage.

⭐️ 2 Breath Rhythms (Pranayama) for centering, calming and coming present to    your journey. 

⭐️ 7 Mantras for Meditation to focus the mind and elevate the soul. These    meditations include techniques of self-inquiry and evolution through the heart space accompanied by thorough explanation.

⭐️ 5 Expertise Rhythms to grow and enhance your drum skills.

⭐️ 3 Ritual Rhythms: Circle dance, Element Chant in English, "O Andar" in Portuguese. 


All training is recorded in professional videos with expert teaching methodology. You will receive a PDF manual which includes each rhythm, to accompany the videos.

We will gather live twice on Zoom for LIVE MEDITATION, RITUAL, Q&A and GROUP PRACTICE which will also be available by recording in case you cannot make it to the live class.

Meditative Drumming Katrina

Why you'll love it

The drum is an instrument that allows you to add a bit of magic to your daily life. It's easy to learn and fun to play on your own or in groups. The drum is an extraordinary tool for meditation and relaxation. Meditative Drumming™️ is a unique modality that leads to real transformation which helps us to achieve greater balance so that we can enjoy life while connecting to greater peace and freedom.



Reduce anxiety, alleviates stress 

Calm the mind to connect to greater peace

Activate immune system to boost your health

Synchronize brain hemispheres for intuition and mental power

Create a state of connection and union

Facilitate cohesion, inclusion and authenticity in relationships and community

Enter immediately to the present moment

Experience deep meditation and alert states of consciousness


The drum helps you to quickly balance the mind for integration and inner union to feel peaceful. 


Fun & Inspiring

Enjoy very powerful teachings which will be presented to you in a fun and creative way!

Drumming makes meditation something you look forward to and develops self-confidence.

Find your rhythm and a sense of belonging within our sacred community.

Happiness flows freely in drum circles!


Feel the freedom and bliss as you connect to your truth within through these mantra rhythms.


Are you ready to get started on your transformation through an inspired rhythm meditation practice that gives you more peace and freedom and joy?

Learn to play the frame drum and be part of our rhythm community.

Meditative Drumming

The curriculum

The curriculum consists of 5 modules to be completed in 3 months of study 

Here's what you'll receive

Meditative Drumming


A professional course that gives you the tools  to access peace so that you can connect to your inner essence, and expand into your full potential and joy through the heart center which includes:

 ♥︎ Professionally recorded curriculum including 17 rhythms organized within 5 modules that you can conveniently review on your own schedule and repeat continuously for practice.  ​

 ♥︎ PDF manual to accompany the training videos.

 ♥︎ Recorded history of the frame drum, connection to the lineage.

 ♥︎ Certification of Completion.




 ⓵ Three live sessions with Katrina on Zoom to learn to incorporate the rhythms within a meditative and ritualistic session, with Q&A.

  Video recording: how to create an alter to support your meditative drumming practice.

 ⓷ Free mantra rhythm music from Katrina.

 ④ Bonus training video - xxx



Meditative Drumming

A door is opening...
Join our community. Invest in your joy, and feel the magic.



Helena Chantre Silva

"Katrina's classes instill confidence, tranquility, and have given me a new sense of certainty on my life path. During the 8 years I have studied yoga and sound with Katrina I have been able to overcome many obstacles and fears."


Joana Roma Torres

"Katrina’s teachings have added a new degree of intensity and a delightful touch to my journey of self-knowledge, self-worth, and self-love. I feel that I’m becoming stronger, more confident, more assertive, more peaceful, and more myself. I wouldn’t change this journey with Katrina for anything!"  


Miguel Pereira

Katrina has helped me become a calmer person with more energy and mental clarity. I leave her classes in a wonderful meditative state. The music, mantras, and the ambiance of class is very special. I feel great, both physically and mentally!”


Marta Machado

"Satpreet's classes are more than just yoga or music. Her teachings are full of inspiration and profound wisdom that motivate and challenge me to reflect and transpose to my life. We also have a lot of fun!"


Nazaré Baptista

"I especially appreciate the way Katrina transmits and shares her knowledge.  She uses a very accessible language while demonstrating enormous patience and a great sense of humor and joy. She makes us feel welcome and gives us confidence while helping us create an atmosphere of camaraderie among all participants." 


Elizabete Raposo

“Katrina was a breath of Divine Energy in my life. She teaches with authenticity, sharing her knowledge with sincerity from the heart. Satpreet’s classes are a unique opportunity to reencounter our true identity, which has enabled me to find a great sense of peace and happiness.


Katrina Satpreet Meditative Drumming


Katrina Satpreet is founder of "Yoga In Season" and "Meditative Drumming." Her passion is to help students leave stress behind and calm the mind so that they can connect to their true essence.

Katrina supports students to invoke the inner power of the sacred heart… the most sacred and transforming journey of all, that allows us to step into the highest expression of our energy. She shares inspiring practices to expand consciousness both online and in person at her private studio, The Sound Temple.

A creative musician and composer,  Katrina has extensive experience with various instruments and styles.  She recently launched 3 mantra CD's: Somnium, Nectar and Lotus:

You will learn a selection of these songs in the Meditative Drumming course! 

Katrina Satpreet is a pioneer of both Kundalini Yoga and Naad Yoga in Portugal, and known to be a very inspirational and dedicated teacher and with exceptional experience and depth of wisdom in spiritual development to help you create a life you love.  Get ready, she will take you to the stars!

Within each of us is a loving, magical, powerful being, a True Self.

 Self realization is a journey to the heart,

Meditative Drumming guides you there with joy and ease. 

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of participating in this program?

You will gain the tools to calm the mind in order to develop a strong connection to your innermost Self. 

Discover a fun and easy way to get into very deep meditation for profound peace and inner joy.

Will this course be too advanced for me?

This course is taught assuming you have no musical studies nor skill.

The course is a great way to learn to meditate and perfect for those who think meditation is difficult because drums and mantra make it easy!

You can go at your own pace each week. 



Do you have a refund policy?

Due to the nature and format of the series, all purchases are non-refundable.

I’ve been doing these types of practices for years. Will this program be too basic for me?

The Meditative Drum journey is an advanced practice bringing together deep wisdom and will be beneficial to even the most advanced meditation practitioners. 

How much time will this program take? How much time do I have to put in on a weekly basis?

Please plan on a minimum of 3h per week to watch training videos/practice. 

Ideally you would practice 20-30 minutes a day.

What if I don't get to watch all the videos within 3 months?

      All videos will be available for one          year from the start date of

      the course.

What are the dates? 

       February 18 - April 28

Registration for the course this year will close on xxx. This course is only available once a year.

Where do I get a frame drum? 


Recommended drum: REMO 16" frame drum usually costs 50-52 euros.


Description on AMAZON:

"Remo HD-8516-00 16 inch Fiberskyn 3 Frame Drum"

Amazon is a very quick and easy way to purchase the drum. Copy the above description to the amazon search.


You may also purchase from other online music stores or at your local music store.

When will this program be offered again? 


We expect the program will be offered once a year.


Enroll in the full program or purchase a rhythm pack!


Best value, students favorite

Full program price includes:

 x hours of teaching videos
✓ Learn 17 rhythms

✓ Meditative Drumming pdf manual
✓ Four Zoom sessions with Katrina
✓ Certification upon completion
✓ Great Bonuses!

In addition, you get access to training videos for a total of 12 months.

One full payment of 599usd,  payment plans available.


Not ready to sign up for the Meditative Drumming Course? PURCHASE A RHYTHM PACK ANY TIME TO GET THE VIDEOS+PDF'S AND PLAY ALONG! Choose from the following packs which consist of training material offered in Meditative Drumming Course. You get access to the training material (videos, etc) for 12 months from purchase date!
IMPORTANT: You must know how to play the frame drum to enroll in Relaxations Rhythms, Mantra Rhythms 1 and 2. 


Module One - Meditative Drumming

Includes history of the frame drum, how to play the frame drum, and a chant to the divine feminine on video. You'll also receive pdf's of the chant.
This is for you if you've completed the introduction or already know how to play the frame drum.
Three rhythms to leave stress behind.  pranayama rhythm, suspiro, the hive. You'll receive pdf's for each practice. Includes bonus: history of the frame drum. 
This is for you if you've completed the introduction or already know how to play the frame drum.
Two mantra rhythms to open the heart and connect to your true essence: SATNAM, SAT KARTAR. You'll receive pdf's for each practice. Includes bonus: history of the frame drum.
This is for you if you've completed the introduction or already know how to play the frame drum.
Two mantra rhythms to connect to your inner guidance for orientation and for inner peace: SOHAM, ADI MANTRAYou'll receive pdf's for each practice. Includes bonus: history of the frame drum.

Terms of Sale: Due to the nature of the teachings, all purchases are final and non refundable. In the case you require an invoice, invoices can be submitted upon your request within 5 days of purchase. All course material will be available for 12 months. In the case of the full course this means from start date of the course. In the case of rhythms packs this means 12 months from purchase date. 

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