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Hello and Satnam! My name is Katrina Satpreet. I'm passionate about bringing together ancient knowledge from wisdom schools, shamanism, as well as modern techniques to uncover human potential and develop higher consciousness. I share transformational wisdom through yoga, music, and ritual, supporting students to invoke the inner power of the sacred heart… the most sacred and transforming journey of all.

You were born not to just survive but to thrive. It's time to step beyond mindfulness and into heartfulness. I will show you how. 
My 3 pillar curriculum guides you on an authentic spiritual journey
into the spiritual heart.™  

Join me on the journey to balance, inner knowledge, and peace!

Yoga and music are gateways to self discovery, health and joy.

"Satpreet's classes are more than just yoga or music. Her teachings are full of inspiration and profound wisdom that motivate and challenge me to reflect and transpose to my life. We also have a lot of fun!"

-Marta Machado


"Satpreet was a breath of Divine Energy in my life. She teaches with authenticity, sharing her knowledge with sincerity from the heart. Satpreet’s classes are a unique opportunity to reencounter our true identity, which has enabled me to find a great sense of peace and happiness."

-Elizabete Raposo

The yoga sessions, meditations, and drum training with Katrina have added a new degree of intensity and a delightful touch to my journey of self-knowledge, self-worth, and self-love. I feel that I’m becoming stronger, more confident, more assertive, more peaceful, and more myself. I wouldn’t change this journey with Katrina for anything!

-Joana Roma Torres

"Satpreet has helped me become a calmer person with more energy and mental clarity.

I leave her classes in a wonderful meditative state. The music, mantras, and the ambiance of class is very special.

I feel great, both physically and mentally!"

-Miguel Pereira

"Katrina's classes instil confidence, tranquility, and have given me a new sense of certainty on my life path. During the 8 years I have studied yoga and sound with Katrina I have been able to overcome many obstacles and fears."

-Helena Silva

"Listening and watching Katrina play music has awakened memories within me. These mythic sounds, ancestral sounds, enter deep within the soul and stay with us forever."

-Nazaré Baptista



Yoga and music has made my life magical. Let me show you how!

"The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life"

BKS Iyengar