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Katrina Satpreet

Take the  journey to your true self,

Are you looking to balance emotions and find inner peace?

Into the Spiritual Heart

From Mindfulness
to Heartfulness

Meditation, Yoga, Ritual

Never before have you had so much information and so many opportunities to follow your dreams, evolve as a soul, and to become the greatest versions of your self.

That being said, you also live in times of great change that can also feel challenging, even confusing. You may feel emotional turmoil, stress, impatience which is oh so common in times of great change. 


At times it feels like you are not sure who you really are. It becomes difficult to enjoy life or experience love. It seems there is always something missing from your life.


At the same time, you may also have the desire to feel: 

  • Self-confident, Self-love 

  • Free and happy 

  • Connected to inner essence 

  • Peaceful in life and relationships

Does that sound like you?


There are so many options you may not know where to turn. You have been reading self-help books, attending some basic yoga and meditation classes, or going to coaching and therapy; and probably you do feel some relief… for a while at least. But lasting peace and satisfaction alludes you. 


You’re not alone and there is definitely nothing wrong with you, you’re just missing the main key! 


Into the Spiritual Heart with Katrina

The truth is that a disturbed mind and emotional turmoil is only a reflection of a disturbed heart. Often the heart is blocked with lower vibrational emotions or closed down due to protection and fear.

So until we deal with the heart it is natural that our progress seems slow or we experience only brief moments of relief. 

Once we clear the heart space, we can then develop the full potential of the heart center which allows us to hear our inner voice - a source of wisdom and guidance.

Imagine if you could 

  • Grow into the best version of yourself with confidence to excell and live your purpose.

  • Tap into inner peace, joy to improve relationships.

  • Feel the freedom and abundance of an awakened self.

  • Excel in your meditation practice with the most potent practices to experience bliss and oneness.

  • Develop a strong spiritual practice which aligns you with your true essence by addressing mind, body and soul in just 10 weeks that would traditionally take a lifetime.

The Into the Spiritual Heart ™ Signature Program guides you on a 10-week authentic spiritual journey that will help you connect to...  


  • Peace

  • Self-confidence

  • Balance

  • Improved relationships

  • Choice, freedom and clarity

  • Prosperity and purpose


PEACE comes from resolving inner conflict as you align with yourself and experience the calm that comes from knowing who you are and where you want to go.


Once you align with your true self, you develop the CONFIDENCE to pursue dreams, express who you are to make better decisions. Gaining clarity as to who you are brings  CHOICE/FREEDOM/CLARITY. 

As you learn the ways of the spiritual heart, you will gain a feeling of BALANCE where you are at your best: physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Your RELATIONSHIPS will become more meaningful, less superficial, more satisfying, and you’ll understand how relationships are a tool for growth.


Finally, you’ll awaken true of PROSPERITY AND PURPOSE in your life. There are so many of us that seem to have everything but deep down are not satisfied. Through this program you can connect to a sense of spiritual purpose - and genuine abundance. 

Image by Renee Fisher

Are you ready to stop seeking and start finding?

You were born not to just survive but to thrive. It's time to step beyond mindfulness and into heartfulness. I will show you how. 

Let me guide you on an authentic spiritual journey into the spiritual heart.™

How it works

Into the Spiritual Heart Signature Program takes place February 18 - April 28, 2022 


The Practices: 

The combination of ritual, breath work, yoga, and meditation allows you to work simultaneously on all levels for the most powerful results.

  • Breath for centering, calming and coming present to your journey. 

  • Yoga to shift emotional patterns, relieve tension, clear the mind and invigorate the body.

  • Meditation often including mantra to focus the mind and elevate the soul. These meditations include techniques of self-inquiry and evolution through the heart space accompanied by thorough explanation.

  • Ritual Activations with me to reprogram the subconscious through beautiful embodied practices. Ritual helps you tap into deeper wisdom so that you can integrate the weekly teachings and experience accelerated transformation.

Each week you will receive a recording of the breath practice, the body work, and the meditations.

Once a week we will gather on Zoom for a live ritual which will also be available by recording in case you cannot make it to the live class.

Katrina Satpreet

Why you'll love it

In this program you will learn to create the experience of transformation through an authentic spiritual practice which results in freedom, peace and joy. Often, we get into the intellectual trap. I get it, I love reading too! But the real transformation comes only through experience and I would love to share this experience with you! 

In this program you will find:


The Heart is the Emperor of all organs, ruling over the entire being, physical, emotional, mental, and subtle and through the heart we can truely transform on every level! True transformation comes from heart based practice and experience which you will create in this program.There is no other program like it! 


Quickly balance the mind, body, and soul for integration and inner union to feel peaceful. 



Get to access very powerful teachings which will be presented to you in a fun and creative way! 



Feel the freedom and bliss within the wisdom of these teachings and practices not available anywhere else. You will quickly feel the freedom and bliss within the wisdom of the teachings and practices as you bring the mind, body, and soul together into greater alignment in this program.

Within each of us is a loving, magical, powerful being, a Real Self.

True self realization is a journey to the heart. 

The curriculum

The curriculum takes place over 10 weeks of study that will focus on 5 steps:

Here's what you'll receive

Katrina Satpreet


10 weeks of teaching material that will guide you on a journey to release blocks, connect to your inner essence, and expand into your full potential and joy through the heart center which includes:

  • 2 trainings each week with breath-work, yoga, and meditation that you can conveniently review on your own schedule and repeat continuously.  After paying in full, all trainings will be available for a whole year.


  • Weekly live ritual sessions on Zoom with Katrina to shift reality in magical ways, connecting us to new possibility and depth of soul.

  • Access to course material for 6 months!


  • The #1 practice for stress relief and to clear emotions from the past.

  • Top essential oils list to support your heartful journey.

  • Deep guided meditation by Katrina to elevate your energy and mood to the stars. 

  • The most powerful heart opening mantra by Katrina.



Katrina Satpreet

“The heart is the sovereign of all organs and represents the consciousness of one’s being. It is responsible for intelligence, wisdom, and spiritual transformation.”

Ancient Chinese text, the Huang Di Nei Jing written 4,700 years ago


Helena Chantre Silva

"Katrina's classes instill confidence, tranquility, and have given me a new sense of certainty on my life path. During the 8 years I have studied yoga and sound with Katrina I have been able to overcome many obstacles and fears."


Joana Roma Torres

"Katrina’s teachings have added a new degree of intensity and a delightful touch to my journey of self-knowledge, self-worth, and self-love. I feel that I’m becoming stronger, more confident, more assertive, more peaceful, and more myself. I wouldn’t change this journey with Katrina for anything!"  


Miguel Pereira

Katrina has helped me become a calmer person with more energy and mental clarity. I leave her classes in a wonderful meditative state. The music, mantras, and the ambiance of class is very special. I feel great, both physically and mentally!”


Marta Machado

"Satpreet's classes are more than just yoga or music. Her teachings are full of inspiration and profound wisdom that motivate and challenge me to reflect and transpose to my life. We also have a lot of fun!"


Nazaré Baptista

"I especially appreciate the way Katrina transmits and shares her knowledge.  She uses a very accessible language while demonstrating enormous patience and a great sense of humor and joy. She makes us feel welcome and gives us confidence while helping us create an atmosphere of camaraderie among all participants." 


Elizabete Raposo

“Katrina was a breath of Divine Energy in my life. She teaches with authenticity, sharing her knowledge with sincerity from the heart. Satpreet’s classes are a unique opportunity to reencounter our true identity, which has enabled me to find a great sense of peace and happiness.


Katrina Satpreet


“Hello and Satnam! My name is Katrina Satpreet. I'm passionate about bringing together ancient knowledge from wisdom schools, shamanism, as well as modern techniques to uncover human potential and develop higher consciousness. I’m your guide on this journey to wisdom through yoga, music, and ritual, supporting students to invoke the inner power of the sacred heart… the most sacred and transforming journey of all.

This program is full of true gems, arranged in an innovative way that produces real results fast! I've travelled all over the world studying with amazing teachers and have experienced so many facets and perspectives of spiritual practice. Into The Spiritual Heart is based on 13 years of deep inner exploration of my evolving work and results.

The journey into the heart is our future - the only way forward - a journey toward wholeness, integrity, and compassion. It is the upgrade we seek and what we really long for, and we need guidance, tools to make this transition with ease. 

Spiritual growth now replaces survival as the main focus of human experience and you deserve to thrive, not just survive! Let me show you how!

What are the benefits of participating in this program?

You will balance your emotions, create a neutral mind in order to develop a strong connection to your innermost Self. You will feel better in your body, mind, and elevate your soul to new levels as you gain new understanding and wisdom about an authentic spiritual path, 


Will this course be too advanced for me?

This course is for all levels, available for anyone willing to dive deep into the heart. You can go at your own pace each week. The yoga practices can be adapted to any level.


I’ve been doing these types of practices for years. Will this program be too basic for me?

The journey into the spiritual heart is an advanced practice bringing together deep wisdom and will be beneficial to even the most advanced practitioners. 

How much time will this program take? How much time do I have to put in on a weekly basis?

Please plan on a minimum of 1.45h per week which includes the videos (breath, yoga, meditation) and live ritual. Ideally you will repeat the recordings or your favorite session throughout the week at your convenience.


What are the dates? 

       February 18 - April 28

What if I miss a session? 


All sessions will be recorded. The rituals will be shared live but you can also receive the recording in case you cannot make it. You get access to all course material for 6 months.

When will this program be offered again? 


We expect the program will be offered once a year.

Frequently asked questions


Full program price includes 10 weeks of teaching material including 2 videos per week plus 1 ritual per week, and live access to Katrina at the end of the rituals. In addition, you get access to the program material for a total of 6 months!

Registration ends Feb. 12

BEST VALUE: Get the early bird rate until Feb. 8


1 quick payment of 599.




1 quick payment of 529.

*Available until February 8.*

 You save 70 €.

*The special introductory rate is available for the pilot program this year only. I would love to get your feedback at the end of the course, that is why I offer the special discount for the beta program. Prices will increase after this beta launch.

*Above prices are in EUROS and payment is non refundable

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Have questions about the Into The Spiritual Heart Program?
Book a clarity call with me!

Clarity calls are free and a great opportunity to find out if this program is for you!  Take this opportunity to talk directly to Katrina on Zoom!

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