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Experience 3 essential practices to find inner peace  

With Katrina Satpreet 

SATURDAY, February 5, 2022


11:00am New York    I    4:00pm London/Lisbon    I   5:00pm  Berlin   I   6:00pm  St. Petersburg   


Join this masterclass to discover:

  • Breath-work to release emotions and gain perspective so that you can calm the mind.
  • Light ​Yoga to alleviate stress, strengthen nervous system to feel inner peace.
  • Easy meditation to relax and calm the heart so you can connect to your Essence. and be inspired.
Katrina will also share  an ancient yoga recipe to boost the immune system and to improve quality of sleep.

Iyengar Yoga

After signing up, you will receive the Zoom link to attend the masterclass LiVE. But don't you worry...  as long as you signed up, a link to the recording will be provided afterwards in case you cannot attend at the stipulated time.


Stretch your mind, body to new depths

Hello and Satnam!


My name is Katrina Satpreet. I'm passionate about bringing together ancient knowledge from wisdom schools, shamanism, as well as modern techniques to uncover human potential and develop higher consciousness.


I share transformational wisdom through yoga, music, and ritual, supporting students to invoke the inner power of the sacred heart… the most sacred and transforming journey of all.


Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Musician, Ritualist

Katrina Satpreet

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